While we might be tempted to wave goodbye to 2023 with a resounding farewell, it's worth taking a moment to reflect on the lessons learned and seeds planted throughout the year. Just like you, I have much to be grateful for, especially after choosing "Bloom" as my guiding word for 2023.

"Bloom" resonated with me because it meant both blossoming into my full potential and nurturing the growth of ongoing projects. And guess what? Those buds have blossomed beautifully! Now, with a fresh year before us, it's time to pick a new word to cultivate in 2024.

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After looking through the guide I'm pondering words like "Thrive," "Explore", and “Immerse" To me, these words capture the desire to expand my horizons and spark meaningful change.

So, whether you're drawn to synonyms like "Flourish" or "Sparkle," please share your chosen word with me and the "why" behind it!

Feel free to share this idea-inspiring ebook with those who share your love for personal growth, and let's make this year one of flourishing dreams and blossoming ambitions!

PS: The Washington Post has a digital way to help choose your word too!  Give it a try here.

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