The 27 Thing Fling!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by trash and clutter?  The good news is, you don't need a complete overhaul to experience a significant change in your space.  “The 27 Thing Fling" method is a powerful decluttering technique that can help you clear the way for a more organized and positive environment.

Rooted in Ancient Wisdom:

This simple practice, clearing 27 items from your space, is believed to have roots in the ancient practice of Feng Shui, which emphasizes the flow of energy in a space.  So, there's some historical precedent to this approach!

How it Works:

The idea behind the 27 Thing Fling is simple.  Set aside some time (it can be just a few minutes!) and focus on removing 27 items from your chosen area for just 9 days.  The key is to act on what catches your eye first.  Trust your intuition and let go of things that no longer serve you.

Ideas of Areas to Tackle:

  •  Reading Materials: Declutter books, magazines, and old newspaper clippings you no longer need.

  •  Paper Trail: Tackle receipts, greeting cards, and outdated to-do lists.

  •  Kitchen Essentials: Sort through utensils, mugs, and dishes to streamline your collection.

  •  Bathroom Bounty: Go through makeup, toiletries, and hair products, keeping only what you truly use and love.

  •  Digital Detox: Unsubscribe from unnecessary social media connections, remove yourself from unused online groups, and delete old emails and documents.

  •  Unwanted Gifts: Let go of gifts you received but never used (guilt-free!).

  •  Closet Cleanse: Time to assess your clothing! Part ways with items that don't fit, no longer spark joy, or haven't been worn in a long time.

  •  Linens Love: Freshen up your linen closet by getting rid of worn-out sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, and throws.

  •  Sports & Hobbies: Declutter any excess or duplicate supplies related to activities you no longer enjoy.

Track Your Progress:

For added motivation, keep a tally of the number and type of items you declutter each day.  This will help you quantify your progress and stay on track.

Ready to Give it a Try?

The "27 Thing Fling" is a simple but effective technique for decluttering your space and creating a more positive environment.  Will you give it a try?  Share your experiences and tips in my Free “Organizing Solutions for Busy Women” FB group here.

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