Create Labels that Last!

I was once quoted in the Washington Post saying: “We don’t want to label our children. But let’s label everything else.” Why? Because labels that resonate with us help us maintain our systems!

I encourage you to create the order you crave by labeling!  

Recently someone asked me "But WHICH labeler should I buy?"

I have two suggestions:

BROTHER P-TOUCH – This is the brand I use and love.  The labels are plastic so they are “shiny”.  They are very durable and don’t fade with frequent handling.  This is the brand I’ve used for 20 years and find that they are long-lasting and really stick!

DYMO – This is a cheaper option of labeler but gives the same results.  The labels are matte finish on paper which could be easier to read for some people. I like the simplicity of this labeler and the many types of label tape available.

Or perhaps you are lucky enough to have nice handwriting?  If so, a retractable sharpie marker may be all you need.  Or you could get an oil-based sharpie marker and write directly on plastic or metal objects.

As I told someone recently, once you start to label, you will never go back!  It truly is liberating!

I only recommend products I would use myself. As an Amazon Associate, if you use a link to buy something, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks!

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