One Item To Help Your ‘Holidaze”!

My one-item solution for “holidaze”

I love to put up decorations to enjoy for each holiday throughout the year. But, if you're anything like me, there's a recurring post-holiday scenario that can turn fun into frustration—the “holidaze” discovery of one or two small items that turn up AFTER the meticulous process of packing away the decorations.

The Struggle:

For years, I believed my holiday “put away” was done to find something small resurface. It It was usually a hand towel that was in the wash or an ornament that rolled under a table that escaped my initial cleanup.

The Solution:

I created a special storage place designated solely for these post-holiday stragglers, The Holiday Holdover Box!

This is a sturdy, container (think repurposed large shoe box or small storage bin) ready to tackle the post-holiday clutter storm.

Now it’s a dedicated home for those misplaced baubles, or for ornaments snagged on vacation or small items purchased in after-holiday sales.

The Benefits:

This dedicated container has become a lifesaver in my quest to maintain post-holiday sanity. Now, when I stumble upon that one misplaced ornament, I no longer have to resort to tucking it away in a random drawer or shelf to be forgotten. Instead, it finds a temporary home in “The Holiday Holdover Box.”

The creation of this dedicated box for post-holiday strays has not only reduced frustration but has also made the entire process more manageable. It serves as a reminder that perfection in organizing is a lofty goal, and sometimes a little flexibility goes a long way in maintaining our sanity.

I hope you create your own holiday holdover box and then we can both toast to having a place to stash the strays!


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