Each year, I get requests for ideas for holiday gifts that won't add to the clutter! Here are my suggestions and also many great ideas coming from my Facebook community.

Promise me you won’t spend money on items your loved ones won't use—esp. useless items like ‘gag’ gifts. Instead, consider these clutter-free gift ideas that can truly be enjoyed, used, and consumed!

Just let people buy what they want! That way there is NO waste or clutter. Add something inexpensive like a bag of microwave popcorn and a candy bar to movie passes so they will have something to unwrap.  Or fold the cash into an origami ornament.

But please remember, gift cards are great but ONLY if you KNOW, without a doubt, that the recipient would shop at that store or purchase from that website.  There are 21 Billion dollars worth of unused gift cards in the US, don’t add to that statistic!


  • Online courses – like “The Paper Cleanse”
  • Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Apple, etc
  • Digital magazine or newspaper subscriptions
  • Virtual games or app gift cards
  •  Audible or Podcast downloads


  •  Art, Dance, or Photography Lessons
  •  Cooking Classes
  •  Movie or Comedy Show Vouchers
  •  Sporting Event or ConcertTickets
  •  Wine/Whisky/Beer Tasting
  •  Self-Defense Class
  •  Hot Air Balloon Ride
  •  Zip Line/Adventure Course
  •  Racing Track Driving
  •  ANY “Bucket List” experience



For Anyone =

  •  Museum or Zoo Passes
  •  Amazon Prime or Costco membership
  •  Local Theatre subscription
  •  Gym or Yoga Studio Membership
  •  Collaborative Games like  Finders Seekers 
  •  Amazing Clubs has ALL kinds of “Gift of the Month” ideas but I suggest ONLY getting consumables you know they love like food, flowers, or beverages.

    For Kids =

  •  Passes for arcade, amusement or water park
  •  Toy subscription services like Toy Library
  •  Creative kits like Little PassportsStem Lab, and KidStir. Remember, these are only clutter-free IF the kids use the kit!
  •  One-on-one outings with parents
  •  A privilege like having a sleepover or getting ears pierced



  •  Spa, salon, or facial certificate
  •  Monthly massage membership
  •  Upscale manicure & pedicure
  •  Professional Make-Up Artist lesson
  •  Family portrait or headshot session
  •  Tickets for plane, train, cruise, or weekend away
  •      Professional holiday decorating/light installation



  •  Meal kit subscriptions
  •  Meal delivery vouchers
  •  Local car wash coupons
  •  Landscaping services
  •  Handyman visit
  •  Uber or Lyft gift cards
  •  Book of bus passes
  •  Gas/Petrol gift cards
  •  Grocery store gift cards
  •  Laundry services
  •  Babysitting vouchers
  •  Professional knife sharpening
  •  Deep home cleaning
  •  Pet care vouchers
  •  Car detailing certificates


Finally, I think my favorite suggestion is to donate to a meaningful CHARITY in someone's name. Or plan on doing “random acts of kindness” for others together! This creates NO clutter and can make both you and the person you are gifting for feel great! 

I hope you use these ideas to create an amazing holiday season with NO additional unwanted clutter!

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