1 Simple Thing to Organize Your Home Office

If you're looking to stay organized in your home office, I have one product suggestion. Create one dedicated place to gather all of your incoming papers and mail to be dealt with. I call it a "Collection Container."

Basically, it’s a box where all those papers can “hang out” until you're ready to sort through them and give them a permanent “home”. Ideally, you'll want to find a lidded box that can hold a week's worth of mail and other papers, which will fit your largest piece of mail and magazines lying flat.




The key is to choose a bin or box (not a drawer) that can live near your entrance or wherever your mail comes in. This way, it's easy to drop papers in as soon as they arrive. And of course, it's helpful if the container is something attractive enough that you don't mind leaving it out in plain sight.

The best part is that using a "collection container" can help ensure that nothing important gets lost. Papers will only hang out here temporarily until you're able to sort through them (usually weekly) and give them a proper home. Give it a try!

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