It's the time of year to set up an easy, well-lit wrapping area for your holiday gifts. I LOVE to choose the exact right paper and ribbons! I make a ritual of it with Christmas music, hot cocoa, and all of my supplies easily at hand with these four wrapping game changers:

1 – A Counter Height Folding Table

I used to stand at my ironing board to wrap because bending over a card table was murder on my back.  So I got this fantastic folding table that can be set at a 36” counter height. I leave it set up for the whole season so that I can wrap gifts as I buy them.  And my back is so much happier.

2 – Dedicated Holiday Wrap Holder

I recommend keeping holiday-specific gift wrap, bags, tissue, and tags separate from wrapping supplies for birthdays and other occasions. I use a flat organizer like the one shown which can store under a bed.

You may prefer this standing wrap holder, which is ideal for the extra-long 39” rolls.

3 – Wrapping Paper Cutter

This type of gadget makes slicing your paper effortless and even fun! With my holiday wrap, I also keep metallic Sharpie markers, holiday gift tags, and matte clear “scotch” tape.

4 – Storage for Ribbons & Bows

I also reuse ribbons and bows from year to year and store them by color in simple plastic drawers that I can roll over to the table.

Of course, I always have my area well-lit and keep a trash bin nearby to keep things tidy. Setting up this wrap station makes wrapping a joy and not a chore, esp. with some warm cider and "White Christmas" playing. I hope this post inspires you to set up your own station.


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