Organize Using the 80/20 Rule!

I am fascinated by the Pareto Principle, which is also known as the 80/20 rule!  This article explains it well, but, in its organizing essence, it means that for 80% of our time, we use the same 20% of our things.  


In other words:

  •         80% of the time, people wear the same 20% of their clothes.
  •         80% of the time, people use the same 20% of the toiletries that they buy.
  •         80% of the time, people use the same 20% of the rooms in their home.


When we can recognize how the 80/20 rule applies to our lives, it can free us up to edit our homes more efficiently and personally!


YOU can use this principle to your advantage when you curate your:

  •         Closet (Out go those dozens of pairs of painful designer high heels you bought on sale, since all you wear are your slip-on sneakers.)
  •         Books (Out go your complicated cookbooks requiring dozens of ingredients, since what you usually do is look up five-ingredient one-pan meals on your Ipad.)
  •         Streaming Services (Out go Brit Box, Apple TV, and Hulu, if you find that everything you enjoy watching is on Netflix.)
  •         Home (Out goes your 4-bedroom home when you know your kids are not moving back, so all you need is a modern condo with an open kitchen, spacious bedroom, and cozy home office.)


Are there other examples in your life or home where you can apply the 80/20 principle to clear out your excess?  Can you save time, money, or space using this idea? 


PLEASE reply to me and let me know! I read and reply to every email that I get and would love to hear how you may apply 80/20 in your life!


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