Unlock the Unused 60% - Have a More Functional and Joyful Home

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your home you actually use?  A 2012 study by UCLA social scientists revealed a surprising statistic: average people only utilize about 40% of their living space! 

That means a whopping 60% of our homes are dedicated to seldom-used rooms or overflowing storage areas.  Think about it – that formal dining room gathering dust or a spare room overflowing with boxes while your craft supplies go unused is a shame.

In fact, I believe that every room in your home needs to be used 10% of the time.  This means you need to have 36 meals in your dining room each year to justify it being used just as a dining room.  Or your guest bed needs to be slept in 36 nights each year to have that room only be used for visitors.

So it’s time to take a critical look at your living spaces and maybe do some math. Ask yourself “Are you using your home to its full potential?”

Here are a few ideas to repurpose seldom-used spaces:

The Underutilized Dining Room: 

Does your family rarely host formal dinners?  Consider transforming that unused room into something else.  Perhaps create a dedicated playroom for your children or grandchildren.  Or make it a library, music, or game room where you can set up a puzzle to enjoy.

The Spare Bedroom that Never Gets Slept In:

Think about converting it into a dedicated crafting space, large walk-in closet, or yoga studio. If you still want space for an occasional guest, a wall-based Murphy bed could be installed, or even easier, get an easy-to-store high-end blow-up bed for your occasional guest.

Adult Kids Have Flown the Coop:

Don't let their old bedrooms become shrines to their childhood memories. Repurpose it to create a dedicated home office for yourself or your partner. A “room of one’s own” with a door to shut can mean messy projects or cluttered desks won’t be seen.  Or create a workout room allowing you to stay active without leaving your home.

Reimagine Holiday Gatherings:

If you are maintaining your large home with a dining room just to host huge family gatherings over the holidays consider the joy of a rented vacation property. This allows you to focus on spending quality time with loved ones and leave the cleaning and catering to someone else. In the long run, the cost of renting might be offset by the time, energy, and stress you save. Save even more money and downsize out of the large home!

Garage Graveyard:

Is your garage a graveyard for forgotten sporting equipment, holiday decorations, and lawn supplies you don’t use because you hire a service? It’s time to actually park your vehicle IN the garage! After all, it’s often the most expensive thing you own (after your home!)

Benefits Beyond Space:

Reduced Stress:

Clutter and unused areas can contribute to feelings of overwhelm. Minimizing your excess items, having a designated space for everything else, and utilizing ALL the areas of your home will create a more peaceful and organized environment.

Increased Functionality:

Transforming a rarely used room into something else you WILL use allows you to create dedicated areas for those activities.  Which in turn will make those spaces much easier to maintain.

Financial Advantages:

Downsizing to a smaller space could free up finances for travel, experiences, or simply enjoying life without the burden of maintaining a large home and yard.

Taking Action – It’s Time to Look Critically at Your Home

Ready to revitalize your living space?  Start by taking a walk through your home and observing how each room is currently used. 

Ask yourself:

  •  Does this room serve a purpose that aligns with my current or future day-to-day needs?

  •  Could this space be better utilized in another way?

  •  Are there areas that are simply storage zones that could be reduced?

  •  Would I save energy/time/money if this room was gone?

By critically evaluating your current living situation, you can unlock the true potential of your home.  It's more than just a collection of rooms; it's a place to live, create memories, and nurture passions. Say goodbye to underused spaces and Hello to a home that inspires your creativity, connection, and joy.

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