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"It's like having a Certified Professional Organizer on speed dial - all for the cost of a pizza each month!🍕"

Discover the joy of an organized home (and life) with a membership in The Clarity Connection!

Join our community to live a life without clutter and frustration, to free up your time and space so you can fully enjoy all that matters most to you

Get Organized! 

Be Part of a Community!

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Does this sound like you?

✔️ you're over 50 and overwhelmed.

✔️you're frustrated, and feel alone with your clutter.

✔️ you're stuck not knowing what to do.

✔️ you're wasting time and money trying to figure it out.

✔️ you're missing out on deadlines, opportunities and life..


Not anymore!  This life-changing membership offers support, encouragement, accountability, motivation, and even makes getting organized fun!  🎈

If you are experiencing any of the above, I created the Clarity Connection for you! 

With The Clarity Connection, you'll get much more than just organization tips!


👉You'll get direct access to me to help answer ALL your questions.

👉You'll get a community to encourage and support you. You won't have to do it alone.

👉You'll learn more about organizing with monthly Subject Matter Expert Classes.

👉You'll get results faster and easier with frequent co-working sessions.

👉You'll declutter your home and life with our fun monthly Challenges. 


As a result, you'll feel less stress and frustration and more joy! 😍


Ginny B.

"It has been a HUGE help to me...It was stacked in all the rooms taller than me,  I thought there is no way I'm ever going to get through all was just so overwhelming but this has helped me SO MUCH...that's what this has been for gets me excited about going and doing more...The group effort really has made a difference for me and ALL those boxes are GONE!"

Kathy N.

"I had stuff all over the place and I could never find it. Now I come in and sit down...I DO IT! I get rid of it and it's SO much easier! That has CHANGED MY LIFE and that ALONE was worth the price of admission!"



Wendy J.

"All of these Q&As and the engagement, and YOUR personal engagement is just incredible! I've done many, many different sorts of organizational efforts, but this has been one of the most meaningful ones I've ever done because your parameters are reasonable, and real and doable. And I think that that's what separates this from other organizational plans."


Kendra C.

"I feel like I have a PLAN, and I'm very excited to start doing that...when I come across things knowing where I can put it is AMAZING! And I love your 'Favorite Things'"


This membership is a great fit for you if you:


✔️Want to reclaim your space and enjoy your home again. 

(Now, you'll be able to easily find things.)


✔️Believe in helping others and celebrating achievements together. 

(Sharing makes the journey fun!)


✔️Treat yourself and others with kindness and understanding. 

(There is no shame or judgment.)


✔️Keep things light and positive, no need to stress. 

(Laughter is the best medicine!)


✔️Embrace everyone's unique journey and perspectives. 

(No matter who you are, you're welcome.)


✔️Believe in fresh starts and making the most of each day. 

(It's never too late to feel lighter and live life to the fullest!)


✔️Feel ready to let go of what no longer serves you. 

(You are worthy of so much more than stuff.)


Remember, you deserve to have a home that reflects your joy and brings you comfort. Let's do this together!

Here's a closer look at all you'll find inside! 


COMMUNITY -  It really IS so much easier to get organized with people who understand and who inspire you to make progress!

Value = Priceless

Live Q&A with C.Lee - Twice monthly (or more) C.Lee answers ALL your questions live so you'll never be lost or wondering what to do next. All sessions are recorded and available for replay viewing. 

Value = $150 each


CO-WORKING -These frequent live productivity "Power Hours" will skyrocket your progress!  Spontaneous student-led "Pop-Up" sessions also happen often in our dedicated 24-hour access Zoom room.

Value = $20 each


CLASSES with Subject Matter Experts -Learn more as each month I interview authors and thought leaders on topics such as downsizing, digital organization, memorabilia management etc.

Value = $100 each


MONTHLY  CHALLENGES - Fun ways to work on different projects around the house alongside friends!  You will be thrilled at what you can accomplish when we are all working "together"!

Value = $50 monthly


MOBILE APP - Watch, learn and participate on the go!  Sign up to get texts sent straight to your phone! Get frequent encouragement, event reminders, and accountability.

Value = $10 Monthly


CHECKLISTS, CHARTS & TEMPLATES - This ever-growing library of printable and digital assets can easily help you be more productive and efficient.

Value = $10 each


SORTATHONS - A dedicated day to tackle a big project coworking over 3-4 hours with your fellow "Connectors"! You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Value = $70 each


CELEBRATE - Every Q&A starts with "Shout Outs" to acknowledge your progress. And quarterly we meet to celebrate ALL that we've achieved!

Value = Priceless!


C.LEE - exclusive access to me! Last but not least, my goal is for you to be supported and successful!  You can do it! 

Value = Priceless!


BONUS #1 - PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - Members love the camaraderie, encouragement, and inspiration in our group.

Value = $20 monthly


BONUS #2 - FAVORITE PRODUCT PORTAL - This extensive library of tried and true products and resources will make it effortless to find trusted items recommended by C.Lee and other members!

 Value = $10 monthly


BONUS #3 - DISCOUNTS for EVERYTHING - Members always get the MOST discounted rates for one-on-one coaching, seminars and more.

Value = Savings


ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP BONUS - COMPLETE CLOSET CLARITY COMPENDIUM -Subscribe Annually and get my Ebook to help you clear your closet! (if you already own it then I will refund your purchase price)

Value $27 


TOTAL MONTHLY VALUE = $600 - If all the components were priced separately!

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Membership Calendar - July to September

Real Results!

Hi there, I'm C.Lee!

Imagine a life where your home is organized, your schedule is streamlined, and you finally feel calm and in charge.

As Certified Professional Organizer with over 20 years of experience. I've helped thousands reclaim their space and hundreds master the art of organization.

No more perfectionism! Our welcoming membership offers practical strategies and a supportive community to help you make sustainable progress and rediscover your shine.

Ready to transform your life? Join us and experience the difference for yourself!

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Proven strategies: Backed by my 20+ years of experience.

  • Supportive community: Connect with like-minded individuals.

  • Focus on progress: Ditch the pressure, embrace achievable steps.

  • Life-changing results: Gain control and rediscover your potential.

Sign up today and start your journey to a calmer, more organized you!


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Frequently Asked Questions: 

More quotes from happy members! 


😊"Thank you for your inspiration and for helping me break through my “decluttering block”, sort of like writer’s block.  I am making great progress again!" -Diane C. - Florida


🙂"I appreciated your enthusiasm, and encouragement immensely.  Your prompt responses and willingness to share yourself, your office, your knowledge, and your experience was exceptional!"  Bill H. - Australia


😄"I was impressed by C.Lee's deep level of involvement... and the amazing quality of the guest speakers that were provided." - Denise B. - Florida


🤩"My life is more organized and my anxiety level has decreased!" Clare K. - Colorado


😊"I love being part of a community that shares the bond of being interested in staying organized. We learn so much about products and strategies from each other!" - Beth C. - London


🙂"I am grateful for the ongoing support...I needed to get back in...and I really appreciate it" - Patti F. - Florida


🤩"I have gotten rid of SO MUCH STUFF... Every piece has a place to go!"- Wendy J - Virginia

✨Ready to transform your life?  You're not alone!

Join our supportive community of like-minded individuals on a journey towards decluttering bliss. 

Together, we'll learn to: 

💡Master mindful organization:  Develop effective strategies for lasting change.

💫Find inspiration and support: Share experiences and celebrate successes.

⏰Unlock a life with more space and time:  Enjoy the things that matter.


🎟️This exclusive, small intimate membership is your ticket to a calmer, more intentional you. Don't miss out join us today!