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A unique NEW way to approach those pesky piles and frustrating files! 

Learn the FIVE categories that you MUST know about to make it so much easier and logical to start your sort.



Why traditional paper processing methods can set you up for failure.

The process is often backward and I will tell you why!



A crucial tip to make it SO much easier to have SO much less to deal with.

Sometimes proximity is the KEY to category ONE.



This class will kick start your efforts to


I guarantee you will come away with at least one new perspective or idea to help you deal with those nagging papers and piles! 

"This masterclass was AWESOME, C.Lee!

I have learned SO much from you just in this hour alone!

It seems obvious to start with five clear categories when organizing my papers!

WHY didn't anyone spell this out for me years ago?

Thank you!"

Christine Dolan, Virginia USA

Do any of these describe YOU?

  1. You feel stuck - You do not even know where to START.  I get it! That is why I want to teach you a NEW approach to reach your GOALS.  

  2. You have a LOVE/HATE relationship with paper - You love reading and writing on actual paper. But you hate that you don’t have a simple and effective system to manage it all.

  3. You want to be less frustrated and more focused -You've decided you are truly ready to leave the overwhelm behind you!

  4. You want to spend your time and energy on things that are most important to you. Your'e so busy just keeping your "head above water" that there's no time left for what really matters. 



If so, then please join me for this life-changing hour -- I can show you that there is a better way!


I have a fantastic bonus for you if you show up LIVE! It is called The Secrets to Set Up Your Desk For Success and it has some essential ideas for on how to set up your work surface to be super productive!  This PDF will give you a checklist of what you need (and what you don’t need) as well as some great product suggestions.  But you only get it IF you show up LIVE!
I'll be there to get my bonus!

A Note From Me, Your Teacher 

(and a Certified Professional OrganizerⓇ)...

Dear Friend,
I describe myself as a “digital dinosaur” and I enjoy the action of holding, reading, and highlighting REAL paper, so I totally understand if YOU feel the same way. 
I created my copyrighted method over 19 years ago and it has helped hundreds of people (just like you) gain control of the stacks, piles, post-its and pieces that plagued them! 
If you've decided you are ready for a clean desk and clear mind then I will see you there!
Choose the day and time that works best for you and be ready to approach your paper from a new perspective! 
With clarity,
I'm ready to learn a new way! Save my seat!

"I think paper is one of the hardest things to organize, so C.Lee's suggestion that generally 50 percent of the paper can probably be trashed or recycled was SO MOTIVATING!"

Sarah A., Webinar Attendee



You need more simplicity and peace of mind. 

Learning and implementing a new system is about more than just cleaning and organizing your physical space.

I want to "simplify you" to help you make room for clarity, freedom, and peace of mind.

Whatever your reason - this Free Live Masterclass is for you!