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I invite you to go from clutter to clarity

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I will give you the tools, inspiration, and my unparalleled support to get the productivity, peace, and freedom from frustration that  you crave.

You have successfully launched your family/career.

You want to be present for the people and causes that you love.

You have the motivation and resources to solve this situation.

You want to take control and conquer your paper challenges.

 You just need a solution!


Your solution? The Paper Cleanse!

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I describe myself as a “digital dinosaur” and I like the comfort of holding, reading, and highlighting real paper. That is how I learn and absorb information best, so I get it if you feel the same way.

To help my organizing clients (and myself) I needed to come up with a long-lasting solution for paper problems. And so the KARMA of Paper Managementⓒ was born!

 As a Certified Professional Organizer, I have been teaching the KARMA of Paper Management© ever since to hundreds of satisfied students and clients.

They are people, just like you, who have finally figured it out - once they learned my clear and logical step-by-step solution!

Now, I am offering YOU the opportunity to learn my simple signature system for a fraction of the price of my in-home services!

By the end of this course, you will have…

  • More TIME to do the things you love! 
    Students report saving HOURS each week!  Imagine getting that time and energy back enjoying your life instead!
  • A clear desk and kitchen counter but, even better, a calm MIND!
    You won’t be overwhelmed every time you look at your work surface. You will be able to sit down and truly FOCUS on the task at hand!
  • A TRUSTED system, unique to YOU. You'll KNOW where ALL of your papers are! 
    Imagine being able to find exactly what you need EVERY time and not have to search your whole home for that one essential paper!
  • The ability to TOSS unneeded papers without WORRY!
    What a relief to know you are safe to throw them out!
  • A simple system to KEEP it that way forever!
    My foolproof formula will make it nearly effortless for you to manage and maintain your paper, as it will be customized for your specific needs!

Hi, I’m C.Lee Cawley, Organizing Expert and Educator.  I started my business twenty years ago because with all of the demands of modern life, I knew I could help people live better lives through organization. 

Now, two decades later, as a Certified Professional OrganizerⓇ (there are fewer than 400 of us worldwide!) I have transformed thousands of people's homes and lives, 

During that time, I have taught hundreds of clients how to set up a sustainable paper system based on my method - The KARMA of Paper Managementⓒ!

I KNOW that my process works, is long-lasting, and changes lives because my clients and students tell me so over and over again!

Luckily, you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars, live nearby, or fly me to your home to sort and rid you of your piles, stacks, and stashes of paper!

I have created this course with you in mind and will walk you through EVERY distinct step so that you too can achieve amazing results!

These are the KEY ingredients to ensure your success:

  • SUPPLIES - Exact product recommendations that I KNOW work so you can get only what you need!  
  • SOLUTIONS - Honest advice to give you the progress you need to succeed.

  • SUPPORT -  Frequent LIVE Q&A sessions with me so you will never flounder or wonder what to do next.

  • COMMUNITY - Get the support you need working along with people just like you.

  • STEPS - The lessons are quick and easy to watch and learn. The worksheets are designed with charts, bullet points, checklists, and quick summaries to save you time and effort.

If you want these

life-changing results,

then join the waitlist TODAY.

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What’s Inside

The Paper Cleanse? 


Module 1


At the end of this first module, you will have ordered the supplies you need, joined our community to work with others, set aside the time to get it done, and know why NOW is the time to do it! This clarity will give you the motivation to succeed in your personal paper cleanse! 

Module Highlights:

  • WHAT do you need? I will give you the exact supply list with links.
  • WHO will help you to complete this process? 
  • WHERE will you process your paper? Set up your space correctly. 
  • WHEN will you do it? Commit to your calendar and stick to your plan. 
  • WHY are you doing this now? Your mindset matters. 


Module 2

The KARMA Method & Krud

This is the definitive system that has helped hundreds! Now that we have established the what, who, where, when, and why it is time to teach you HOW! 

Learn how to stop the paper from coming into your life, to begin with. Know that you can toss certain papers and stop worrying about needing them. Your clutter-free desk solution starts NOW.

Module Highlights:

  • What is the KARMA method?
  • Strategies to start your SORT.
  • KRUD - What is it & how to reduce it.
  • KRUD - 5 Key Questions to ask yourself.
  • To shred or NOT to shred?


Module 3

Action Items & Active Projects

Action is the backbone of KARMA and is where you should be spending 80% of your paper processing time! You will learn how to set your Action Items up so that you can prioritize tasks and get things DONE!

Module Highlights:

  • The When, Where & How. Find your Focus!
  • Set up your Action Item Folders & Daily To-Do's.
  • Set up your Active Projets. 
  • Apply the Min, Mod, & Maximum Method.


Module 4

REFERENCE not Filing!

Setting up a trusted reference system unique to your needs is a snap! Learn my favorite tools and techniques to save you time and energy! Start fresh with a structured system using words and phrases specific to you!

Module Highlights:

  • What are YOUR Reference subjects and specifics?
  • How EXACTLY to set up your Reference folders.
  • Vital Documents! What are they & where do they go?
  • Record Retention Introduced!
  • What about ALL the other office supplies?


Module 5


Paper-based memories are seldom thought of but are often truly the most important papers for us. Learn what pieces are worth keeping and how to store them to last a lifetime or longer.

Module Highlights:

  • What exactly IS Memorabilia?
  • Whose Memorabilia is it?
  • How do you know what to KEEP  and where to STORE it?  
  • How will you store your Memorabilia?
  • Solutions for Kids Memorabilia & Art Work.


Module 6


In this module, we will address what archive items are and where to store them. You are nearly DONE! To conclude, we will discuss precisely HOW to maintain and manage your fantastic new system!

Module Highlights:

  • The What, When, Where, and How of Archive Papers.
  • YOUR Maintenance Method.
  • Using the RITE way to help you.

If you want these

life-changing results,

then join the waitlist TODAY.

You will be notified first when enrollment opens again!


Frequently Asked Questions

If you want these

life-changing results,

then join the waitlist TODAY.

You will be notified first when enrollment opens again!