Wedding Dress – What’s Next?

It's wedding season and I think it’s time to reconsider your wedding dress. If it's hanging lonely in your closet or preserved in a box I want to know, are YOU going to wear it again?

Is it worth holding onto an item that large for perhaps decades on the slim chance that a daughter or granddaughter MAY want to wear it? If you’re ready to let go, here are some options:


Emma & Evan Foundation: Send them your gown and order a custom keepsake like an ornament, holiday stocking, christening gown, or teddy bear!  The proceeds from your sale go to provide special memory boxes and gowns to people who experience infant loss.– Have your dress remade into dozens of different items such as a robe, a Christmas tree skirt, a men’s tie, and more.


SELL/CONSIGN (any condition, any age): -You list it for a $20 fee, and you receive 70% of the sale price. – You list your dress or accessories; pay a $25 fee and you’ll receive 80% of the sale price. - List your dress with different fee options and receive the entire sale price. – Mail it to them and every time your dress is rented, you get a payment.  You can get your dress back at any time; dresses 3 years old or less or classic vintage styles. –You list it for a fee of $25 or $35 and you receive the entire sale price.


DONATE by MAIL – check cleaning requirements

Adorned in Grace  – Use proceeds from sales to raise funds for prevention of exploitation and support for survivors of trafficking. Also takes mother-of-the-bride and flower girl dresses, veils, belts, hair accessories, shoes, jewelry, bras, and petticoats. Dresses must be 5 years old or less.

Angel Gown Program – Uses portions of the dress to sew burial or final picture gowns for people who have suffered infant loss. Can also use bridesmaid dresses that are pale pink, pale blue, or lavender. 

Brides Across America – Dresses given free to military and first responder brides.  They also accept veils, tiaras and accessories, dresses must be 4 years old or less.

Brides Against Breast Cancer  – Use proceeds to fund breast cancer awareness programs; dresses must have cost for $999+ if used or $299+ if new and some brands are not accepted. They also accept veils and headpieces. Dresses must be 3 years old or less.

Brides For a Cause – Use proceeds for local and national women-based charities across the country. Also accepts bridal separates and bridal accessories within the past 5 years as well as special occasion dresses from the past 3 years.  Dresses can be 5 years old or less in any condition.

Brides For Haiti– Use proceeds to benefit a church in Carcasse, Haiti, dresses need to be 5 years old or less.

Cherie Sustainable Bridal – Use proceeds to benefit Success in Style program to give free business attire to disadvantaged men and women; also takes veils, shoes, and evening wear; dresses 5 years old or less.

Fairy Tale Brides  – Use proceeds to benefit select charities; dresses 5 years old or less

St. Anthony's Bridal – To provide affordable dresses to brides, Dresses can be 10 years old or less.

The Brides Project – Use proceeds for families impacted by cancer. Also takes belts, sashes, veils, headpieces, jewelry, and jackets. Dresses must be 5 years old or less.


So perhaps it’s time to get your gown out of “closet confinement” so it can be enjoyed by you or someone else! Share your plan for your wedding dress in my Free “Organizing Solutions for Busy Women” FB group here. Let's inspire each other to make space and let go of these dresses that we'll never wear again.

Thanks to Jennifer Gittins-Harfst of No Frills Organizing for discovering some of these resources.

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