TAX PREP – Spend $8 to save $100’s

How can spending eight dollars save you hundreds or even thousands? 

By having a dedicated place to capture ALL of the important “end-of-year” tax information that’s flooding your mailbox and inbox right now!

Don't let these precious papers get lost on your desk or forgotten in piles. It’s time to create and give them a specific home.  Get all of the tax deductions and credits that you can -- it could save you some real money!

I have a  red plastic two-pocket folder* that is always within arm's reach of where I open my mail. Throughout the year, but especially in January, this is where I put tax notices, charity receipts, and financial information. 

Now, you may be getting 1099s, W-2s, donation acknowledgments, information on investments, stock dividends and distributions, interest paid, and more. All of this information will be needed to file your taxes, whether you do it yourself or give it to a tax professional.

Use my method and when it's time to prepare for tax season you won’t have to tear apart your house to hunt down these essential documents.

Knowing that these documents are safely in one place will keep you calm and collected this April – as well as the rest of the year. Doing your taxes will no longer be so taxing!


This affiliate link is for THREE red two-pocket folders. I suggest you set up one for tax prep documents, one for medical reimbursement receipts and claims, and save one for next year.  Trust me this $8 investment is worth it!

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