The first full week in August is “Simplify Your Life Week”!  It’s the ideal time to address easy areas in our homes. Let's dive into tangible and specific ideas on how to declutter and organize these six distinct spaces!

A = ACCESSORIES: Choose just ONE type and start by decluttering and donating any accessories you no longer use and enjoy.  Perhaps take a critical look at just your handbags, necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments, earrings, or scarves.  There are other people who’d appreciate your donation of these “one size fits all” items!

U = UNDER SINK CABINET: Streamline this area in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room by organizing cleaning supplies, and trash bags. Be sure to consolidate duplicates and discard old or expired products. Use simple storage bins to keep everything tidy.

G = GAMES: Are they played by anyone, anymore?  Are all the pieces you need in the box?  Perhaps cull your collection of adult or kids games to your favorites or just one shelf full each.  Bonus if you store your "keepers" on their SIDES for easy access! Then say goodbye to the rest!

U = UTENSIL DRAWER: Take a critical look at your kitchen utensils by decluttering duplicates or damaged spatulas, spoons, and ladles.  Organize them in a drawer with 3” tall drawer dividers or get a pretty countertop crock.

S= SPICES: Just removing the expired ones will declutter your collection.  Then perhaps arrange them alphabetically or by cuisine for convenient use?  It's easiest to see the labels if you can lay them down in a drawer.  Alternatively, put them on a turntable.

T= TOWELS:  Organize your towel closet by keeping only essential towels and donating or repurposing old or damaged ones. Roll or fold them neatly for a clean look. Separate bath and beach towels as well, since they are used for different purposes.

Try each of these six specific organizing ideas for each letter in AUGUST this month! By decluttering and deciding about these smaller areas, you'll kick start a sense of order and tranquility throughout your home.

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