How REFRAMING can lead to big RESULTS!

Is there something you truly want to achieve, but you are stuck?  I am going to encourage you to reframe the way that you think of it and the words you use to describe it, and I’ll bet this WILL help you make progress!

For example, a member of my FB group wrote a beautiful essay about how she was saving her teen children’s childhood clothes as mementos for herself, and not for them.

When she realized this, she decided to make quilts (to keep for herself) out of all that saved clothing. She cut out squares from the front of each tee or dress and was happily able to discard the rest.  This simple reframing enabled her to reduce two giant bins of clothes to two tidy small boxes ready for the sewing machine!

I’ve personally used renaming with fantastic results. When I relabeled the detested word “work out” to “movement,” I found that it was FUN to go to a weekly Zumba class.  I was not “exercising,” I was “dancing”! That simple change of phrase has made all the difference!

Perhaps instead of thinking of the overwhelming task of “organizing” you rename it as simply “sorting”?  Sorting things is something even a child can do so YOU can too!  And with that sorting, you’ll start to get the organized results that you crave too.

REFRAMING is a powerful tool that anyone can use in order to get the RESULTS they want. Will YOU give it a try?

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