Trading High Heels for Happiness

The inspiration for this post came from this Washington Post article which you can read about HERE.

Remember the days when teetering on high heels felt like owning the catwalk? Me neither. Just like I swore off sky-high shoes for comfy flats on my 50th birthday, I've learned to "chuck-it" with some outdated goals too. I decide to adopt a stance (and a shoe) that aligns with my own desires and not societal expectations.

My chuck-it list isn't about “throwing in the towel”, but rather recognizing that our priorities shift as we evolve. A friend recently did the same with competitive horse riding – the joy just wasn't there anymore. Saying goodbye to those dreams was bittersweet, but I applaud her for embracing the present!

Think of your bucket list as a living document, not a rigid script. Regularly review it, and if something no longer resonates, don't be afraid to "chuck-it"! This frees up space for new passions, like ditching "War and Peace" for novels that truly excite you (sorry, Tolstoy!).

It's not about giving up, it's about giving yourself permission to grow. This doesn't mean abandoning all goals, but rather honoring your current desires and making room for what “sparks joy” today. Let's trade the pressure of outdated ideas for the freedom to pursue fulfilling experiences.

So, grab your metaphorical broom and dust off your list. What no longer fits? What excites you now? Remember, saying goodbye to yesterday's dreams isn't a failure, it's a chance to embrace the incredible possibilities of today.

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