4 Organizing Lessons my Mom Taught Me!

My mom, Helen k. Cawley was born in 1917 and lived through a time of immense historical change.  She came of age during the Great Depression, navigated single motherhood with my older sisters in the midst of World War II, and emerged a pillar of strength and practicality.  Her life experiences instilled in me valuable lessons that continue to guide me today.  Here are four nuggets of wisdom I learned from her:

1: The Power of Lists: 

My mom was a master list-maker.  Grocery lists, to-do lists, budget lists – you name it, she had a list for it.  These weren't just random scribbles on a piece of paper; they were meticulously crafted roadmaps to efficiency.  From her, I learned the power of planning and organization.  Lists help me stay focused, prioritize tasks, and avoid the chaos of a scattered mind.  So next time you're feeling overwhelmed, grab a pen and channel your inner Mom – make a list!

2: Invest in Quality Staples

Helen wasn't one for fleeting trends.  She believed in buying quality pieces that would last.  Her philosophy?  Invest in well-made shoes, bags, and coats.  These essential items formed the foundation of her daily wardrobe, and she took good care of them, ensuring they served her for years.  This lesson translates beautifully to life beyond fashion.  Investing in quality tools, cookware, or even a comfortable mattress can enhance your life for years to come.

3: Waste Not, Want Not: 

Food waste was a foreign concept in our household.  Mom practiced a simple yet brilliant strategy:  the "leftover shelf."  Dedicated space in the refrigerator ensured perfectly good leftovers didn't get lost in the back and forgotten.  This system not only saved money but also encouraged creative recipe reinvention.  Leftover chicken became a delicious stir-fry, and leftover vegetables found new life in a hearty soup.  Helen's "leftover shelf" wasn't just about food; it was a reminder to appreciate and utilize what you already have.

4: Rotate Your Backstock: 

Helen lived through a time of scarcity and understood the importance of resourcefulness.  One of her clever practices was "backstock rotation."  This meant regularly revisiting the hidden corners of her pantry and cupboards. Everything was boldly marked with it’s expiration date so that it could be used in a timely fashion. Older items were brought to the front to be consumed first, ensuring nothing lingered forgotten and expired.  This system not only prevented food waste but also helped us discover forgotten treasures and avoid unnecessary duplicate purchases.

These are just a few of the countless lessons my Mom gifted me.  Her experiences during a challenging era shaped her into a resourceful, organized, and wise woman.  Her legacy lives on in the way I approach life, and I'm forever grateful for the timeless wisdom she instilled in me!

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